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Living up to the standards set by Texans and their storied love of not just good or great BBQ but Legendary BBQ.

Texas born BBQ disciplines that started it all. We pledge to never take
shortcuts that reduce quality or quitting before the task is done. It's our belief that
these are not characteristics of "Old School".

A special moment in time in which family and friends blend together, leaving cares behind to enjoy an unforgettable Texas BBQ experience.




Baked Potato Salad • Mac-n-Cheese • Cream Corn
Cole Slaw • Pinto Beans • Green Beans • Mexican Rice

Prices: 5 oz. - $2.25 • Pint - $5.50 • Quart - $9.98  • Gallon - $29.98  


$10.50 - Choose Your Meat: Chopped Beef,  
Turkey, Brisket, Sausage • Chips & a regular drink

$11.50 - Sliced Beef Sandwich
Chips & a regular drink

$9.50 Brisket Sandwich $8.50 Turkey Sandwich
$7.50 Sausage Sandwich $8.50 Chopped Beef Sandwich
$9.50 Salad Bowl with Meat  


$83 - 3 lbs of meat & 5 pints of sides
Feeds 6 - 8 people

$166 - 6 lbs of meat & 5 quarts of sides
Feeds 12 - 18 people

$17.00/lb. Frozen Brisket (Whole) $10/lb. Cooked Cold Sausage


Mini Pecan Pie • Peach Cobbler • Banana Pudding • Ice Cream

Prices: Single - $2.25 • Pint - $5.50  

When it comes to catering legendary Texas BBQ, nobody brings it home quite like Terry Black BBQ.

Whatever you're planning, from the backyard to the boardroom, we're here to help you make it a success. We'll take care of it, just give us a call and let's start making plans for an experience worth savoring, Texas-style.


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