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Reheating Instructions

Brisket/Turkey/Sausage Re-Heating Instructions

Let meat thaw

It’s best to do this in the refrigerator for 24 hours or set vacuum sealed package in a pot with cool running water. Brisket typically takes 4 hours to thaw in water. Turkey typically takes 3 hours. Sausage typically takes 30 minutes.

 Oven (Brisket and turkey)

-Take meat out of vacuum sealed package.

-Put butter on top of meat and wrap tightly in foil.

-Place on pan and reheat at 275 degrees until internal temperature hits (135 Brisket) or (165 Turkey). About two to three hours total. Temp the fatter end and check every hour or so.

-Rest brisket and turkey for at least 30 minutes before slicing.

Oven (Sausage)

-Take meat out of vacuum sealed package and place uncovered on pan lined with foil.

-Reheat at 350 degrees. (About 25 minutes total)

-Let sausage cool after heating for at least 10 minutes. Caution, the grease will be hot.